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Welcome to The Quake III Arena Wiki![edit]

This wiki exists to document all aspects of the game Quake III Arena by id Software. It was started because a great deal of game information is dissapearing from the Internet as time goes on. Probably a large amount of information has already been lost, but perhaps we can preserve some or even bring some back from the offline world. If you have some information about Quake 3 which you cannot already find here, please add it!

The topic of this wiki is broad - Anything pertaining to Q3A, as long as it is factual information, is welcome to be added here. History, current developments, technical information. Whatever you would like to contribute is welcome. Information about other retail releases of Quake 3/id Tech 3 with significant asset overlap (e.g. Q3 Revolution, Quake Live, Arena Arcade) is also welcome here.


This wiki is pretty new but here are some good places to start:

  • A guide to Getting Started with the game
  • A listing of all known Versions of Quake 3 ever released
  • The various Quake 3 Engines and derivatives
  • A table showing all Official Levels from various releases of Quake 3
  • An archive of id software .plan files from around the time of Q3's development
  • Info about id's Zerowing web host
  • All known Modifications for the game - Currently we know of 223 mods!
  • A list of all known Custom Levels - Currently we know about 10966 levels!
  • Some info about Lost Levels now missing from the Internet. Perhaps you can help?
  • A short guide on playing OpenArena maps in Q3 and vice-versa

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